SWiP for Business

Technological partner in contactless payments and digital interaction with customers.

Implementation results

Cutting Checkout Time


  • SELFIETOPAY 1-2 sec
  • QR code up to 5 sec


Customers’ age verification – safe alcohol sales.


Increased checkout point/desk capacity.

QR Code Payments

For shops

Place the sticker with QR code next to your checkout desk. The customers can make payments easily scanning the QR code using their smartphones. They do not need to take out their purses, and the cashier doesn’t need to think about change.

For restaurants

Don’t make your customers wait for available terminal. Using SWiP they can pay the bill by scanning the QR code on the precheck. The waiter doesn’t need to come up to the table twice.


SWiP uses Intel® RealSense™ Depth D415 camera


A deep 3D face scanning to get a hyper-secure image which increases the level of protection against fraudsters and improves recognition rate.

How does it work

Infrared laser projector creates a net invisible to the human eye, and infrared camera scans changes in spatial parameters when the user’s face is captured by the net.

Clients Nearby Will See your Offering

Implementation results

  • SWiP clients are more active and make purchases more often – at least 15 times a month
  • This results in revenue growth

Geolocation works for you

  • Customers nearby will see your offering
  • Remind about yourself to those who are already close!

Immediately Amend
Negative Experience

Customers’ feedback

Find out what your customers really think about:

  • Staff
  • Shops, restaurants


Snapshot notification of responsible managers about low ratings.
This helps retain your customers and improve your service

Launching a Marketing
Campaign in 5 Minutes

Implementation results

SWiP clients’ daily average check is 20% higher than the other customers’.

Easy promo setting by:

  • Time
  • Days
  • CASHBACK rate
  • Group of customers

New Data


Instant tracking of marketing campaign effectiveness.


Relationship between shop revenues and customer satisfaction.

Choose SWiP

SWiP in TOP-10

SWiP app in Google Play TOP 10 requests*:

  • Contactless payments
  • Programme for bank cards
  • Payment by card with phone

* — Statistics for October 2018

For Retailers and Banks:
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